Thomas Mann Letters to Zádor

The three letters included here (with their translations) pertain to Eugene Zádor’s 1943 composition, Biblical Triptych, which was inspired by Thomas Mann’s Joseph and his Brothers.Thomas Mann, 1943


February 1, 1944

Dear Dr. Zador:

Thank you for the positive newspaper clippings, which I am returning to you since I assume you will want them in your files.  I am very happy about the success of your work and will take care not to miss the California radio broadcast when it happens.

With warmest regards,
Thomas Mann

Thomas Mann Letter, March, 1944March 11, 1944

Dear Mr. Zador,

Thank you again for your visit, which afforded me the welcome acquaintance with your Joseph composition.

I am charmed by this character and poetry-filled piece of music, which preserves so well the spirit of my biblical hero, and which expresses his story in an economical but powerful way. You have succeeded in doing with musical tone that which I attempted to do with words, namely to unite primitive, oriental sound with modern sensibility and understanding. It is a real satisfaction to me to know that my story has inspired a master in the art which has ever been dear to me, to create a work of such beauty and the promise of permanency.

Yours sincerely,
Thomas Mann