The Art of Eugene Ormandy, 2006

Historic recordings of Ormandy as a violinist and as a conductor of the Salon Orchestra, the Minneapolis Symphony, the Philadelphia Orchestra, and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. A 1935 recording of Eugene Zádor’s Hungarian Caprice, first issued on Victor 14031, is on Disc 1.

Biddulph Catalog  064/65
2 CD Set

Track listing

Eugene Ormandy the violinist

  • Rimsky-Korsakov: Hymn to the Sun (from Le Coq d’Or) 3:08
  • Rimsky-Korsakov: Song of India (from Sadko) 2:51
  • Herbert: Kiss Me Again (from Mlle. Modiste) 2:57
  • Drdla: Souvenir 3:14
  • Dvorak: Humoresque 3:15

Eugene Ormandy and his Salon Orchestra

  • Brahms: Hungarian Dance No. 2 in D Minor 2:52
  • Hosmer: Southern Rhapsody 4:35

Eugene Ormandy and the Dorsey Brothers’ Concert Orchestra

  • Coslow-Spier-Britt: Was It a Dream? 5:55

Eugene Ormandy and the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra

  • Zemachson: Chorale and Fugue in D Minor, Op.4 9:41
  • Zádor: Hungarian Caprice 7:00
  • Griffes: The Pleasure Dome of Kubla Khan, Op.8 8:36
  • Harris: When Johnny Comes Marching Home (An American Overture) 7:12

Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra

  • Barber: Essay No. 1 for Orchestra, Op.12 7:20
  • Menotti: Amelia Goes to the Ball – Overture 4:10
  • Miaskovsky: Symphony No. 21 in F# Minor, Op.51 15:01
  • Richard Strauss: Sinfonia Domestica, Op.53 39:41

Eugene Ormandy and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra

  • Mahler: Symphony No.8, Part I (Hymnus: Veni, Creator Spiritus) 22:37