Miniatures in Music, 1963

Eugene Zádor: Children’s Symphony

Schubert: The Bee (arr. by Zádor)
Haydn: Gypsy Rondo (arr. by Zádor)
Various compositions for children
Conductor: Amerigo Marino

The Bowmar Orchestra Library BOL  64

Track listing

Zádor: Children’s Symphony (1960)

  1. I. First Movement: Allegro moderato (con spirito)
  2. II. Second Movement: Fairy Tale
  3. III. Third Movement: Scherzo Militaire
  4. IV. Fourth Movement: The Farm

Schubert: The Bee
Haydn: Gypsy Rondo
Schumann: Wild Horseman
Leo: Arietta
Couperin: Little Windmills
Liadov: Music Box
Elwell: Dance of the Merry Dwarfs
Villa-Lobos: The Little Train of Caipira
Gounod: The March of the Marionettes